Wissmach Glass
The many dazzling colors and textures combined with its easy workability has made Wissmach Glass a favorite of glass artists worldwide! Stocks more than 1,000 colors, tints and patterns. The cathedral glass is available in shades ranging from crystal to dark shades of amber, blue, green and red. The colors are produced in 13 textures. Here are the types of glass they produce.

Opalescent: Opalescent glass is made with a combination of white glass and a cathedral color. The opacity of this type of glass is in relation to the amount of white glass used in its creation. Our dense opal base glass uses a higher consistency of white glass than our light opal base glass. Because of this change in mixtures, dense opal base glass is much more opaque than our light opal base glasses.

Wispy: Wispy Opalescent glass uses a mixture of opaque white glass and a cathedral color. During production, the white glass is added to the cathedral glass and mixed together giving wispy opalescent glass soft touches of white in each shadow.

Cathedral: Cathedral glass made up of a single color. Opacity of the glass is dependent to the color of the sheet. Lighter colors will allow more light to pass through and darker colors will prevent light from passing through.

Streaky: Streaky glass is manufactured by adding a color or colors to a clear glass base. The color is mixed with the clear base to provide streaks of color throughout the sheet. The transparency of streaky glass is dependent on the colors used.
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