Stained Glass Sundials
Yes there truly were stained glass sundials. There is a group of artists that are trying to bring this lost art back into the mainstream. Stained glass sundials are wonderful and functional art pieces but are rare especially in the western hemisphere and that's what they want to change.. There are only a handful of examples in the United States. Imagine an ordinary stained glass window with a design on it that includes a sundial face. A metal rod or sheet protrudes from the window on the outside of the building and casts a shadow on the sundial face design. You can read the time from inside or outside!

The art of their fabrication nearly died out in the 19th century, but today's stained glass craftsman can build them almost as easily as a normal window if they have help with their sundial drawings. These sundials were designed for specific locations and function as accurate timepieces because each one was custom-made. A qualified sundial designer must determine the sundial part of the design in order for a stained glass sundial to function properly.
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