Stain or Stained?
We get many inquires as to whether the proper term is stain glass or stained glass. Well, the proper term is stained glass. However there is a process in which a stain is applied and fired in with a kiln. This is usually done for added effects such as facial or other body features, shadowing, or other special effects to enhance the beauty of the project. Though this process is often refered to as painting.
What is a leaded glass window?
Ever wonder what the difference is between leaded glass windows and stained glass windows? Well basically there is no difference. Leaded refers to all assemblies held in place by lead, copper, or zinc cames. Stained glass refers to a glass that has color to it. Although many artist often refer to a window that is assembled with clear glass as a leaded glass window, panels that are assembled with stained glass are also refered to as leaded.
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