Metals / Lead Came
Beveldine / Came Craft
Has over 100 dies for lead came for the stained glass industry. They stock all of the more popular sizes and shapes and can quickly make any unusual sizes. They also have the capability of custom making a lead shape to your specifications. All they need is a profile drawing with dimensions.
Venture Tape
Producers of quality copper foil pruducts. Superior acrylic adhesive formulation offers astounding, immediate tack. Ultimate bond strength improves over time. Superior resistance to temperature extremes and weathering. Wraps tightly to edges and corners by hand or with automatic equipment
Johnson Manufacturing
Played a key role in the development of environmentally safer lead-free solder.
To stained glass artisans everywhere, we are very interested in serving the needs of your industry with Johnson's Pure Solders, Soldering Fluxes and Supplies. With the many other industries we serve, historically we have been very distributor oriented, though admittedly they don't have many distributors representing our products for stained glass. They offer very high quality products, competitive prices and fast service!

Here are just a few of their finest products for stained glass work; Johnson's IA-423 Tin/Silver/Copper, ternary eutectic, Lead-free Solder, along with a very complete selection of Tin/Lead Solders, Johnson's Soldering Fluid, Water Removable Soldering Paste, Acid Swabs, Lloyd's No. 6 Soldering Fluid, Crystal Gel Flux, and much more
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