The Wizard IV™ was designed for the professional glass artist. But, hobbyists looking for "the best" will also enjoy this workhorse machine.Huge, 14 1/2" x 11 1/2" work surface is 16% larger than closest competitor. LiftOff™ reservoir makes cleanup fast and easy. Reversible work surface saves you money down the road. Includes 1" and 1/4" grinding bits. SecondStory™ Work Surface (included) provides an elevated work surface for using the 1/4" bit. Face Shield with wire holder included standard with every machine. Accepts all Inland grinder accessories and over 40 grinding bits. Convenient Covered Accessory Tray built into reservoir.
*Work Surface: 14 1/2" wide x 11 1/2" deep
*Construction: High Impact ABS housing
*Voltage: 115V
*Maximum RPM: 3,550
*Maximum Torque: 40 oz.-in.
*Frequency: 60 Hz
*Maximum Horse Power: 1/9 HP
*Watts Out (Under Load): 183
*Thermal Protection
The Inland Impulse is a modular machine that converts into a disc grinder or a bevel machine at any time in the future. Other brands selling for the same price don't offer this important advantage! Most powerful medium sized grinder available. TouchTop™ work surface turns the machine on and off automatically.
Includes 1" standard grinding head and 1/4" drilling / grinding head. Easy to clean lift off reservoir. Reversible work surface for twice the life. Accepts the TwinSpin™ RetroFitKit™ (no. 50005) disc grinding upgrade. Accepts the 3-Step! BevelerKit™ (no. 50006) beveling and polishing upgrade. Use with over 40 different Inland bits.
*Voltage 115V 230/240V
*RPM / UPM (idle) 3550 2970
*Maximum Torque 30 oz.-in. 0.219 N-m
*Frequency 60Hz 50Hz
*Maximum Horse Power 1/11 HP 1/11 HP
*Watts In 215 95 idle, 180 load
*Watts Out (at peak torque) 55
*Thermal Protection
The WizlingCG™ gives you features at an affordable price! The most powerful grinder in its class. The same stable body design and work surface size found on the Impulse™ and Aero™. You get over 13 more square inches of work area and the work surface is reversible! Lift off reservoir is easy to remove for quick cleaning.
Comes with a 3/4" grinding head. 2-way on/off switch. Accepts Inland's wire frame face shield support for use with our FaceShield™ or MagnaShield™.
*Voltage 115V - 230/240V
*RPM / UPM (idle) 3500 - 2950
*Maximum Torque 16 oz.-in. 0.129 N-m
*Frequency 60Hz 50Hz
*Maximum Horse Power 1/22 HP - 1/22 HP
*Watts In 97 76 idle, 117 load
*Watts Out (at peak torque) 33
*Thermal Protection
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